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The Love of a Cowboy
Dahlia Montgomery, a half-Filipina from a small Texas town, was catapulted to grief and shame when her husband died in a car accident. Her husband was not alone in the car, Dahlia discovered he died with his mistress. Instead of succumbing to misery, Dahlia went with her friend Piggy to Idaho where they got summer jobs as survey assistants. Dahlia was really excited for the change in scenery and looking forward to keeping busy with survey work in the Id...
The Love of a Stranger
Onyx, Apr 2004, 6.50, 352 pp. ISBN: 0451411366 Former Los Angeles police officer Doug Hawkins relocates near Wolf Mountain, Idaho. His first day in the nearby town, a bargirl takes him to an exclusive location. However, before anything can happen, a screaming banshee smacks the fender of his new truck and tells the duo to leave as they are on her property. Doug later learns that the beautiful maniac is Los Angeles based realtor Alex McGregor. ...