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Being Committed
When private investigator Hannah Lovekin's boyfriend of five years proposes marriage, she turns him down, only to realize soon after that she does want him, after all. He had already become involved with someone else, but agrees to give Hannah another try *if* she will go into therapy to work on her "issues." Part of her therapy includes confronting her ex-husband, Jack, about the reasons their marriage ended. As Hannah looks more closely at her rela...
Getting Over It
Helen Bradshaw is 27, single, and sharing an apartment with two men in London. She's too unambitious to move up from her low level job at a women's magazine. She drives an old Toyota, owns an overweight cat, and needs to get rid of her awful boyfriend. Then her father dies. On her way to her dad's funeral, she meets Tom, a veterinarian. She starts to fall in love with him, but Helen must to come to terms with her father's death, her mother's grief, a...
Running in Heels
For years, Natalie and Babs had been separable. Then Babs does the unthinkable...she gets married! Natalie is a little lost and looking for a new roommate. She ends up with Babs' brother Andy on top of a completely irrational relationship with a drugged up sleazeball who wants to use Natalie's music exec. brother to get his band a contract. Natalie and Babs go around, Natalie and Andy go around, and Natalie's boyfriend ignores her except when he thin...