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Murder Boogies With Elvis
Morrow, August 2001, 23.00, 256 pp. ISBN 0060198702 Mary Alice and Patricia Anne (AKA Mouse) might be in their sixties but their lives are anything but dull. Mary Alice is planning her fourth marriage and plans to honeymoon in an RV while Patricia Anne is counting the days before her pregnant daughter returns from Warsaw with her new husband. Patricia Anne and her spouse Fred, and Mary Alice and her fiancÚ, Virgil are going to the Ala...
Murder On A Girl's Night Out
First book in series of 8 Southern Sisters murder mystery series. I laughed out loud while reading the series and highly recommend it.. especially to middle aged women. I Recommend reading them in order as she refers to characters/events from previous book, but all stand on their own if not possible. ...
Murder on a Girl's Night Out - Southern Sisters 1
Patricia Anne "Mouse" thinks her sister, Mary Alice "Sister" is crazy for buying the Skoot 'n Boot country western bar. Just because Sister and her current boyfriend like going line dancing there doesn't mean that it will be a sure-fire moneymaker, but, as always, Sister leaps before she looks. Resigned to going along with Sister's latest crazed venture, Patricia Anne lets herself be dragged out to see the big purchase. Patricia Anne is pleasantly surpri...