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Death On Delivery
When local society matron Jania Yewbanks dies of “natural causes,” her sister contracts the services of Brom Investigations to look into the case and prove that Jania's husband, Ted, murdered her. Hannah Clare, widow of Brom's ex-partner, cannot be the adoring granny. A sharp mind with a taste for danger, she needs work and action. Knowing her for twenty-four years and seeing her so eager to get back to work, Brom brings her into the case. Ted Ye...
Judy Garland
Anne Edwards examines the life of Judy Garland from when she first starting performing at the age of two until her death before a performance when she was in her forties. Throughout her life Garland had a hard time with her demanding career when she first started appearing in films, and her ambitious mother who worked endlessly to get her youngest daughter into Hollywood studios. Garland's talent at acting and singing plunged her into the world of show ...