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Acorna's Rebels - Unicorn Girl 6
Acorna and her friends help to rebuild her home world and seek to find her missing lover. Their search leads to another mystery and another world in need of Acorna's unique diplomacy....
Acorna's Search - Unicorn Girl 5
The Kleevi have destroyed narhii-Vhiliinyar and Hafiz has offered Acorna's people technology to bebuild their origional homeworld Vhiliinyar. First Acorna takes a search party to explore the old world so that everything will be recreated as it once was. Then people start to go missing including Aari, Acornas lifemate. The reason behind all this leads Acorna to the Friends (who saved her ancestors the origional unicorns) and their time travelling device. ...
Acorna's Triumph
Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Eos, March 2004, 24.95, 326 pp. ISBN 0380979004 The Ancestral Hosts are near immortal shapeshifters, who rescued the Ancestors (unicorns) from earth because they were hunted to near extinction by humans who wanted their magical healing horn. The hosts mixed their DNA with that of the Ancestors leading to the creation of the Linyaari race. They made their home on Vhiliinyar until the insectoid race known...
First Warning: Acorna's Children
Khorii, a unicorn-like Linyaari, is traveling with her legendary parents, Acorna and Aari, to visit her mother's adoptive human family. Then they come upon a derelict ship. When the captain, Khorii's Uncle Joh, and the two intelligent cats, RK and Khiindi, go aboard to investigate, they discover all the occupants are dead. Then RK and Khiindi collapse. By the time she reaches them, the cats are almost dead and Uncle Joh is about to collapse as well. ...

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