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Alien Secrets
Puck has been expelled from boarding school on Earth, so she's being sent back to her parents on planet Aurora. Traveling on the same space liner is a young alien Shoowa named Hush. Since Puck is the only other teenager on the ship, the captain asks if she would make friends with Hush. As she gets to know Hush he confides in her. He was bringing home the Soo, a sacred artifact that symbolizes freedom. The first night on the ship it was stolen from h...
Blood and Chocolate
Vivian is a teenage werewolf. When the moon is high, she feels the call to run wild in the woods, to feel the forest floor beneath her paws. But, when she moves into a new town, she meets a boy. A human. Her family disapproves but she is head over paws. With growing tension within her pack and her lack of control over her own abilities, she wonders if her boy will love her, or more importantly, if he will survive loving her. Jealously, isolation and comp...