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Blind Curve
Martha Crow is a strong loner who is in some ways still hiding behind her sadness of her youth. She was known as Scarecrow and teased about being a ‘plain Jane' and geeky. Her mother deserted her and her when she was young forcing her to grow up fast. Danny is a tough cop who has the most amazing eyes who has been caring for his mother and sister for most of his life. He has been an undercover cop now for a number of years and also doesn't seem to ...
Dead Ringers
Dead Ringer Warner, Oct 2003, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0446612294 FBI Agent Finn Carver has been undercover trying to find the whereabouts of a big nuclear device on the market. He crashes a party at the estate of the recently deceased Arthur Beaman., His girlfriend Angelina Mercer throws it showing she is not in mourning. Over Finn's objections, his superiors want to recruit Angelina to help them get close to Victor Borian, the reported owner of wea...
Tell No Lies
Warner, Mar 2004, 5.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0446613576 In the small Hudson Valley town of Sokanan, with less than two weeks before retirement, Detective Hank Bonner investigates the murder of convenience store employee Luka Kole. The case looks like a simple robbery turned ugly, but Hanks has problems because the thief failed to take a bank sack containing one thousand dollars. When he notices a newspaper clip involving the Renaissance Oil of Russia ...