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Fallen: Confessions of a Disbarred Lawyer
A man sets a fantastic goal for himself, to become a lawyer. It is a very high goal for him because to achieve it he had to overcome earlier failures, including poor performance in undergraduate study and a checkered past. The first might keep him out of law school, the second out of the bar. He confronts both, however, as well as his debilitating self doubt, and does become a lawyer, gaining admission to law school, completing it and graduating from it,...
Go Ask Alice (Literature)
This is the fictitious diary of a young teenage girl, who somehow finds herself lost in the world of drugs during the 1960's. She is introduced to LSD during a party where it was slipped into her drink. She loved how the drug made her feel, and was delighted to learn that there were more drugs out there. Every party she went to, she remembers in bits and pieces, but often only remembers the beautiful colours that the drugs brought to her, and sometimes t...
Go Ask Alice (Biography)
A fairly normal girl, who is given the name "Alice", gets wrapped up in the world of drugs and revolves in a downward spiral. She is accidentally introduced to drugs when LSD is put in her drink at a party. She traveled away from home with a "friend" who also did drugs. They traveled from place to place, never staying in one place for too long. Alice tells of her life as a druggie, including her new sexual experiences and new drug trips. She eventually t...
It Happened to Nancy
Nancy,a good fourteen year old girl, meets an older college guy named Collin. Collin is supposed to be her best friend and the man of her dreams, but shatters that illusion by raping her, taking her virginity. After Collin leaves Nancy feeling used and broken she finds out she is infectected with the HIV virus, destoying her already frail health. Nancy learns to cope with HIV by the support of her friends and most of all her family. ...

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The Bride Stripped Bare
The Bride Stripped Bare plays off the premise that the anonymous diarist's mother found the text after her daughter and grandson disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving only their car at the top of a cliff. Their bodies were never found. From there follows the inner secrets of the ostensibly perfect housewife from her Marrakech honeymoon to her illicit Sevillian affair and her descent into a sexual awakening at the hands of strangers. Her ...

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