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King Charles II
King Charles II Antonia Fraser Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1979 ISBN 0297775715 Born and raised at court during the height of the early Stuart years in England, Charles was little more than a boy when his father, Charles I, found himself at the centre of the civil wars, which led to his defeat and execution in 1649. On his father's death Charles was King in name only, and spent years of exile, poverty and humiliation in Europe. On being recalled to ...
Mary Queen of Scots
This is a very detailed detailed biography of Mary Queen of Scots. It covers her life from birth, her life in France, her return to Scotland and her death in England. The author has delved into all the great stories about Queen Mary, the Kirk o'Field murder, the Casket Letters, and the Babinton Plot. Great pains were taken to set Queen Mary's story in the context of the age in which she lived. ...