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Buried Diamonds
Claire Montrose (series protagonist) is on her daily jog when she finds a diamond ring in the mortar of an old wall where she stops to stretch. Claire's housemate Charlotte 'Charlie' Heidenbruch, an 80-something Holocaust survivor, knows to whom the ring belonged. But she thought the woman returned the ring to her fiancÚ Allen Lisac before the Korean War. Claire had found the ring in the wall around the Lisac's house. Claire begins her research based ...
Heart -Shaped Box
HEART SHAPED BOX HarperCollins, Feb 2001, 24.00, 264 pp. ISBN: 0060196556 After receiving the invitation to attend the Minor, Oregon class of '79 twentieth reunion, a hesitant Claire Montrose thinks back to the nondescript seventies. She fit perfectly in a decade that offered nothing except closure to the sixties, as she was far from popular. However, those liabilities in high school like being too tall or too smart are assets for a thirty-s...
Learning To Fly
St. Martin's, May 2002, 23.95, 285 pp. ISBN 0312990527 Free Meeker is coming home from visiting her sister when she becomes involved in a fifty two-car chain-reaction accident. Although the nineteen-year-old woman is unharmed, her car is totaled and her passenger, a hitchhiker Lydia is dead. Free tries to help an injured man who is looking for a lost bag but when she finds it, the man is already dead. When Free opens up the bag, she f...