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Good Morning, Killer
Knopf, May 2003, 24.00, 354 pp. ISBN 0375412408 While working the same bank robbery dubbed “Mission Impossible”, FBI special agent Ana Gray and Santa Monica Detective Andrew Berringer fell in love. Their relationship has endured past the case but it hits a rocky patch when they work another case together, one when Ana is the lead and Andrew's boss. Fifteen-year-old Juliana Meyer-Murphy was abducted at a shopping mall and the kidnapper called ...
North Of Montana
I grabbed this book without reading the cover blurb and I thought I was going to be reading a book about Canada. Nope! Montana is a street in Santa Monica that divides the "haves" from the "have nots". The street figured in FBI Agent Ana Grey's early childhood when she lived just north of Montana with her mother and her LAPD officer grandfather. Ana is ambitious at almost thirty, hoping for a big case to slingshot her out of robbery and into the el...