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Alien Beach
Amphibian, apparently benevolent aliens make contact and lease a Pacific island for a one-year visit. An international team of scientists come to live with the aliens on that island, named "Alien Beach". Over time, the scientists learn as much about themselves as about the aliens. Meanwhile, a character called "the soldier" starts to experience strange visions about the aliens. He becomes obsessed with meeting them, but finds it increasingly difficult...
Darc Ages
David Archibald, dying of cancer, is frozen alive in 1999. He is re-animated 900 years into the future, in a post-apocalyptic techno-feudal society. He must fight to change this society and bring on a second Renaissance, or get killed. He gains allies, finds love and fights in many violent battles against the forces of corruption and tyranny... and eventually, becomes a legend under the nickname "Darc"....