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Mysterious, Oct 2003, 23.95, 296 pp. ISBN: 0892967668 The Governor of Vermont directs his state's Bureau of Investigation to enter the war against drugs when recent crimes shows a massive increase in drug trafficking. The interrelationships between the various layers of police forces fail to unite as dissonance over jurisdiction rules. Desperate to carry out his state's executive officer's order, VBI Second in Command Joe Gunther sends Detecti...
The Sniper's Wife
Mysterious, Oct 2002, 23.95, 312 pp. ISBN: 0892967676 The NYPD informs Vermont Bureau of Investigation Detective Willy Kunkle that his ex-wife Mary died from an overdose of heroin in Manhattan. Willy drops everything to go to New York City to identify the body. However, instead of agreeing that an accident occurred, Willy concludes someone murdered his former spouse and persuades Detective Ward Ogden of his belief. Willy investigates Mary's...
Tucker Peak
Mysterious, Nov 2001, 23.95, 295 pp. ISBN: 0892967242 Though Vermont's TUCKER PEAK is popular in a small way by the ski crowd, the owners of the resort know they must expand or declare bankruptcy. The announced plan quickly runs into an environmental nightmare as protesters arrive to stop any further development of the pristine mountain. At about the same, a series of crippling robberies push the TUCKER PEAK ownership closer to shutti...