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Sarah MacKenzie hurt to find out that she wasn't the beloved child of Lachlan MacKenzie, the duke of Ross. So she fled to Edinburg where she started her dream to set up a place for the orphans. The handsome General of the Complement, who just arrived in town, could be the only person to help her out. But he was Michael Elliot, her betrothed's younger brother. She had enough of the Elliots and swore never to set eyes on an Elliot again. Michael Elliot...
The Border Lord
Miriam MacDonald was sent by the Queen of England to settle the continued conflict at the border of England and Scotland between an English baron and the mysterious Border Lord, who galloped across the land of the Earl of Kidalton, Duncan Armstrong Kerr, to fight for justice. Duncan proved to be neutral and unconcerned with what was happening in his own land and unhelpful to Miriam's mission. During the time Miriam stayed at Duncan's castle, she was...