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Mouse Soup
Mouse Soup is another wonderful children's story by Arnold Lobel. For any 1st to 3rd grader learning to read, this book will allow the child to feel confident and very successful! Four stories are presented by the mouse, who was captured by the weasel for his mouse soup. The mouse tells the weasel that his soup will not taste good unless he puts stories into the soup. One plain old mouse will not a soup make! The stories are: Bees and the Mud, Tw...
Owl At Home
Owl At Home is the only “Owl” book that Lobel produced. Composed of five delightful tales, children will be delighted at the antics of owl and his misunderstandings! In the story, The Guest, Owl invites winter into his home with all of her fury! Snow is everywhere and his pea soup becomes frozen. Shooing winter out the door, she closes the door with a bang and Owl settles down once his fire is lit and warmth seeps back into this home. His soup t...