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Strong Medicine
Arthur Hailey's Strong Medicine is the story of Celia Jordan, a detail woman who rises through the ranks of a major pharmaceutical company, Felding Roth. The story begins with Celia getting chewed out by a young doctor, Andrew Jordan, for wasting his time while his patient id dying of hepatitis. Celia returns the next day with an experimental drug, which saves the patient from certain death. This experience draws them closer and they get married. Celia r...
The Evening News
Crawford Sloane is the lead anchorman at CBA news. One day his wife, son, and father are kidnapped by terrorists. The news crew feels they can do a better job with their resources and contacts of finding out who the terrorists are and where they took Sloane's family, than can the FBI. So Harry Partridge leads up a team of crack TV people, who search for clues throughout the northeast to try to find out who took Sloane's family and why. The trail lead...