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Babel Tower
This book is an incredible interweaving of two romances- one, which is revealed through uncovered letters and poems, is of an illicit affair between two 19th century poets, the other is the growing love between the 20th century scholars researching the lives of their predecessors. The author writes poems for the dead lovers (in the style of Browning for the man and Christina Rosseti for the woman) that provide clues to the nature of the relationship in a...
In this book a pair of avid scholars trying to discover the connection between two Victorian poets.The book sets off as Roland Michell (one of the scholar) comes across two highly moving drafts of a letter that was intended to be written by the poet Randolph Henry Ash to an unidentified woman. Triggered to set in motion by these historical documents, Roland takes the help of Maud Bailey (a fellow researcher on the life and works of Christabel LaMotte)...
The Biographer's Tale
Knopf, Jan 2001, 24.00, 305 pp. ISBN: 0375411143 His postgraduate literary-criticism courses bore student Phineas G. Nanson, who wonders if that is all there is in life. Unable to take anymore, Phineas decides to commit university heresy and devote his time on biography, feeling that will provide a taste of real life. He chooses the obscure works of Destry-Scholes who gave the world the consummate story of Victorian polymath Sir Elmer Bole...

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