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A Regimental Murder
Berkley, may 2004, 5.99, 250 pp. ISBN: 0425196127 In 1816 Regency England, Captain Gabriel Lacey is just starting to recover from the depression he suffered after seeing atrocities committed during the Iberian Peninsula campaign. One night while strolling in London he sees a woman on a bridge seemingly poised to leap to avoid a man with a knife. Gabriel chases the mugger away and brings Lydia Westin to the safety of his home. Lydia is a wido...
The Glass House
Berkley, Dec 2004, 5.99, 256 pp. ISBN: 0425199436 Captain Gabriel Lacey, injured during the Peninsular Campaign, returns to England where he solved two murder cases. A Bow Street runner, his former sergeant, calls upon Lacey to identify the body who he thinks is his neighbor Marianne; Lacey rushes to the Thames River where the corpse was found, but she is not his neighbor although she wears a ring given to her by an aristocrat. Lacey takes the r...
The Hanover Square Affair
Berkley, Dec 2003, 5.99, 272 pp. ISBN 0425193306 Regency England in 1816 is not the best place for a lame soldier on half pay with no prospects and no hope of finding any. Captain Gabriel Lacey and his commanding officer were asked to leave the army to avoid a court martial and scandal but the animosity between the two men exist to this very day. Still his ex-commander's wife Louisa tries to mend the breach that she was inadvertently responsibl...