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Attica Locke Message Board 1/1/2012
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Black Water Rising
Jay Porter wants to help his family but time doesn't seem to be on his side. His pregnant wife is depending on him to bring home the bacon, and it is stressing him out. A seasoned community minded young attorney, he gives away more services than he bills for. He can't help it. It's in his heart to help out where he can, it is just how he was raised. The long hours and little take home pay are just the start, he's forgotten his wife Bernie's birthday...
The Cutting Season
This is a suspenseful novel and the writer does a great job of holding this suspense for 3/4's of the novel. I loved the descriptions of Belle Vie, a deep south Louisiana plantation where they still sponsor re-enactments of antebellum life daily. Caren lived on the plantation as a child and returned to live here with her daughter a few years prior to the start of the novel. When she returns, she realizes a lot has changed but there is also a lot that has...