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Miss Julie
Miss Julie, the title character of Strindberg's play, is a wild young woman who is used to getting her own waybecause of her riches and her father's social position. Always looking for something new, she sets her sights on her father's valet Jean, an ambitious young man who is engaged to one of the other servants. She and Jean plot to run away together, perhaps open a hotel. Unfortunately, both understand that something like that would be impossible. ...
The Father
In a society where a husband and father is thought to be the authority in his family, the Captain, a soldier, a scientist and a wealthy man, has one set of ideas about his daughter's life and his wife has another. The Captain is used to being obeyed in all things, and expects that his desires will prevail. Laura, his wife, has other ideas. With tragic effect, she suggests to him that perhaps he is not the father after all. ...