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Augusten Burroughs's second memoir, the sequel to "Running With Scissors," chronicles his struggle with alcoholism and with the impending death of his HIV-positive friend Pighead. Augusten is forced into rehab by the advertising company he works for after his alcoholism begins to interfere with his job. After he gets out of rehab he is clean for awhile, but Pighead's illness and an unwise relationship with a crackhead from group therapy make it very hard...
Running With Scissors (Biography)
Growing up in the care of an unusually dysfunction family, Augusten Burroughs is angered, but not surprised to find out he is being adopted by his mother's unorthodox psychiatrist. Living with the Finch family, Augusten finds frienship, love, and lust among the Finch children. While dealing with his own confusion about growing up (school, society, sexual orientation) Augusten makes his first friends, becomes "involved" with a man twice his age, and decid...
Running With Scissors (Literature)
This is Augusten Burroughs's memoir of his childhood, when his parents divorced and his mother sent him to live with her psychiatrist who was himself in need of psychiatric help. It follows him from age nine to age seventeen. At Dr. Finch's home Augusten grew up wild with filth and feces all over the house, no school, staying up late, drug and alcohol use, and had sexual relations with Dr. Finch's pedophile adopted son. Augusten's best friend was Dr. Fin...