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Ride the Stars
New Concepts ISBN 1586080687 In 2785 Jaide Calanarre, spaceship augmenter, wants to get out of the debt that her brother buried her under. To regain the credit standing she once had, Jaide and her partner Sesame Calais contract their services to amplify the performance of a Draconian ship. Anyone with a half a brain would prefer mountains of debt rather than deal with the disreputable Draconians, in spite of their good neighbor policy since cra...
Teasing Danger
Jasmine and Wiley grew up in an orphanage together and were like sisters. Jasmine knew that Wiley would never leave without telling Wiley where she was going so she was concerned when she couldn't find her. Jasmine found Wiley's campsite, but no Wiley. What she did find was the most handsome man she had ever seen - too bad he had such an attitude! Still, he claimed to know where Wiley was and that she wanted to see Jasmine so Jasmine risked going with hi...