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Bentridge Magic
Reid McAllister is determined to marry Gabby Stoner but the lady is reluctant. She has four older big brothers who have tried to run her life so she leads Reid on a merry chase. When he learns that she is due to go to Madagascar on an assignment, he uses his money and influence to get involved and blackmails Gabby into marrying him. When Reid almost dies on a river trip on their return from the jungle, Gabby is terrified and finally admits to her love...
Casey's Haven
With no family of her own, Casey worked hard to save for this vacation, but Erik's presence threatens to destroy her stay in Greece. Wealthy Nick Santos comes to her rescue at the airport in Athens. Then he rushes her into a fake engagement and carries her off to his home to meet his family. Casey is outraged by Nick's proprietary manner but cannot deny her growing attraction or love for this huge bear of a man. But she could never consider marrige t...
Daring To Dream
Destiny leads Sunny to Black Horse, Colorado where she meets Zach. In this small town she finds the strength to overcome the haunting of a brutal marriage and fear of a cold heartless grandfather to accept a future of love for herself and her small son and daughter....
Daring To Love
Janice Wright is terrified of another relationshp thanks to her heartless ex-husband. The fact that she can't have a child makes her feel less than a woman, but whenever she's around Hank James, he makes her feel special. She fights her feelings for the attorney while he does his best to win her love, sometimes with the help of his hilarious family. The relationship is progressing when her ex-husband show up on her doorstep. Hank is jealous and jumps...

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