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A Lunatic Fear
Wildside, July 2004, 15.00, 191 pp. ISBN 0809500639 After the Killing Times, Earth construct prisons on terraformed asteroids like Planetoid Three to contain and rehabilitate the most vicious killers. Jaguar, an empath uses her psi skills works with the prisoners as a Teacher and she has a phenomenal success rate with even the hard core killers. Her latest case involves three women who went on a killing spree and when she examines their records...
Learning Fear
Learning Fear is the third book in the Dr. Jaguar Addams series. Jaguar works on Planetoid Three, a penal colony modeled after Toronto. She uses unorthodox methods (namely empathic skills) to find the root of criminals' fears. In this book, she is sent to Earth on forced leave where she must work as a visiting professor for the cultural studies department in a New York State University. She discovers that there is a Telekine, a particularly lethal mind p...
The Fear of God
The Fear of God is the second book in the Dr. Jaguar Addams series. In a penal colony modeled after Toronto, Canada, after an epidemic of serial murders called The Killing Times, Jaguar uses empathic skills to find the root of criminals' fears. This time she must use a virtual simulation of Heaven in order to find the source of a female cult leader's fear before the dispersed cult tries to bring about a disaster through particularly frightening methods. ...
The Fear Principle
The Fear Principle is the first book about Dr. Jaguar Addams, an empath with a haunted past who "cures" criminals by uncovering the root of their fears. It takes place in a penal colony in the future, after an epidemic of serial murders called the Killing Times. In this book, Jaguar deals with a dangerous female assassin who has an unusual "gift" against empathy. ...

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