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Spirit Of the Silent Butler
AMF Limited, 2002 ISBN 1928857043 Elsie Saunders' family doctor molested her, her priest was having an affair with her mother, and her father killed her mother and then himself. It's a violent world and she wants to take care of the evildoers who are let out early or are untouchable under the law in an inept system. So far Elsie has taken care of the man who killed her best friend and the pediophile who raped and abused another bud. After kill...
Spirit of the Straightedge
"Spirit of the Straightedge" is a fascinating fictional account of an abused female named Elsie Sanders. For a time, she is a victim, but when she witnesses those she loves being abused, her personality and her reasons for living change dramatically. Elsie transforms into a killer known as "Bite-Woman" and Detective Gerald Lawrence is assigned the challenge of apprehending the killer in this, his most bizarre case....
Spirits of the Once Walking
AMF Limited, 2002, 294 pp. ISBN 1928857051 Randolph Boodles is the owner and manager of Choices, a rehab center for alcoholics and drug addicts. He is also a hard core drug addict who abuses his wife and children, and rapes the children in his program. As relaxation, Randolph enjoys trolling for someone to rape and kill which is how he met Kandle. He offers her a lift in his slick Jaguar and she accepts but it isn't long before she realizes he...