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Dhampir (Science Fiction)
Magiere is a vampire-slayer, famous for her exploits, when in fact she has been exploiting the simple villagers she aids. With Leesil, a half-elf, and Chap, la large wolf-dog, they roam plying their trade--until they come upon vampires for real, and are forced to defend a community haunted by terror. Magiere finds more in this struggle than she bargains for, including the knowledge of a terrible truth about herself....
Dhampir (Science Fiction)
When Magiere and her companion Leesil decide to quit their vampire-hunting scam and settle down to run an inn, little do they realize that their adopted town is the lair of a powerful--real--vampire, who soon decides to target Magiere. Magiere must come to terms with her own latent powers, which she barely understands, and she and Leesil must fight to save their adopted town and destroy the vampire before he and his companions destroy them....
Thief of Lives
Roc, Jan 2004, 6.99, 446 pp. ISBN 0451459539 Magiere, her half-elf partner Leesil and their dog Chap used to con ignorant villagers into believing their towns were infested with vampires and needed to hire them to destroy the evil doers for an exorbitant price. Their reputation grew and any time a vampire hunter was needed, Magiere and her crew were called in. After making enough money, she bought the Sea Lion Inn in the small town of Miska. I...