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Blowing Smoke
Kensington, Jul 2001, 22.00, 360 pp. ISBN: 1575666707 In Syracuse, Noah's Ark sells exotic pets, but the owner Robin Light fails to make enough money to pay her taxes. If she does not come up with some cash soon, she will be forced to declare bankruptcy. Robin moonlights as a private detective, but is so desperately strapped for income, she accepts two cases simultaneously. The first case involves a fifteen-year-old runaway whose pa...
Rubbed Out
Kensington, Nov 2002, 22.00, 368 pp. ISBN 1575667096 It's been snowing in Syracuse for over three weeks, which means people are only going out to work and doing necessary shopping. Robin Light, the owner of the pet store Noah's Ark, is not taking in much cash which means she must find another way of paying her bills. Paul Santini, ex-cop turned private detective, knows that Robin moonlights as an unofficial sleuth. Buried with a large workload...