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Ragtime for Simla
Dell, Nov 2004, 6.99, 353 pp. ISBN: 0440242231 In 1919 Alice Conyers reaches Paris, the first leg of her trek to India to take over the reigns of the Imperial and Colonial Trading Corporation. Since the death of her brother Lionel during World War I, she inherited 51% of the stock while her second cousin who she plans to marry owns the rest. However, their train falls into a ravine killing almost all on board. Alice continues on to India where...
Ragtime in Simla
Scotland Yard Inspector Joe Sandilands has been lecturing in 1922 India on new methods of policing. Offered the use of the Governor General's guesthouse in Simla, the summer home of the British Raj in the foothills of the Himalayas, he is hoping for a vacation before returning to England. He offers transport to a visiting Russian opera singer in the Governor General's open car from the railway station into Simla. During the journey, the opera singer is ...
The Last Kashmiri Rose
Scotland Yard Inspector Joe Sandilands has spent six months in 1922 India, lecturing on the newest methods of policing. On the verge of returning to England he is ordered to investigate the ostensible suicide of a young British Army wife, found floating in her bath with both wrists slit. With the help (and romantic involvement) of the Collector's wife, he finds that four other "memsahibs" have died violently in the month of March, going back 12 years. Hi...