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House of Echoes
When Joss Grant learns that she is adopted, she tracks down her biological family and learns that she is the heir to an old family mansion in Essex, Belhadden Hall. Though villigers warn the Grant's of hauntings, Joss moves into the house whith her husband, Luke, and her son Tom. Pretty soon stranges phenomena occurs. Ghostly laughter is heard and roses are left on pillows. The events become sinister when bruises appear on Tom's body. Luke suspects J...
Lady of Hay
Joanna, a journalist, finds herself remembering a past life as a medieveal noblewoman after being hypnotised. Her journeys into the past are not happy, but then neither is her present and she finds it harder and harder to return after each regression into the past. But what will happen if she continues until Matilda, Lady of Hay, dies? ...
Midnight Is A Lonely Place (Thriller/Action)
After the difficult breakup of a love affair, Kate Kennedy moves to a remote corner of Essex, England, to write a biography of Lord Byron. However, Kate's landlord resents her presence and tries to frighten her off with tales of ghosts in her house. Meanwhile, her neighbor's teenage daughter unearths an old roman gravesite. Kate tries to ignore the escavation and she dismisses her landlords warnings of ghosts, but soon Kate is tormented by a virus invadi...
Midnight Is A Lonely Place (Science Fiction)
Kate, a writer goes to work in a cottage in a forest, when a roman grave is uncovered by a local girl, someone wants revenge. ...

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Whispers in the Sand
After her divorce from her husband Anna decides to go on a cruise down the nile. Her Aunt Phyll gives her a little scent bottle and a diary which belonged to her Great ancestor. When she gets to Egypt she starts reading and discovers a mysterious magical force within the scent bottle which turns out to be a sacred Ampulla containing the tears of Isis an ancient egyptian goddes, and protected by two rival ghostly priests. The story unfold threefold part t...

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