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Don't Say a Word
An old picture brings together the only two people who can solve the mystery of an orphan girl behind the gates. Years ago when he was just a boy, Alex took a photo of an orphan girl behind the gates of an orphanage. It was his father's most published photograph. But Alex was told to never speak of the photograph. He wants to know why. Julia has always believed that her mother who died several months ago was her real mother. However, upon finding a ...
Love Will Find A Way
Avon, Mar 2002, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0380815559 Two months before his death, architect Gary Tanner took out a half million-dollar life insurance policy on himself. Six months after his death the insurance company finds it highly suspicious that Gary died driving off the side of a mountain road near Lake Tahoe. They refuse to pay for accidental death when suicide is more likely the cause. Gary's widow Rachel turns to his best friend and...
One True Love
Lisa Alvarez and Nick Maddux divorced eight years ago after the painful death of their baby girl. Lisa is on the verge of getting married to a much older man when Lisa's best friend - also Nick's sister - asks her to come back to town to watch her kids while she takes some time for herself. Nick decides to help and so spends a lot of time with Lisa and the kids. They rehash the past and work through their issues. Eventually, they reveal that they nev...