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Flight Behavior
Flight Behavior tells the story of Dellarobia Turnbow, a restless housewife in Tennessee, who uses the appearance of monarch butterflies on the mountain on her family's property to take control of and become more contented with her life. Dellarobia Turnbow is a young woman who has already lived a long life at the age of 27. Having lost both of her parents, she became pregnant at 17 and married her high school boyfriend, Cub Turnbow. Though they ended up ...
Pigs in Heaven
Turtle was illegally adopted by Taylor, and therefore, Taylor is on the run to try and keep her. But attorney, Annawake Fourkiller is chasing after them to take Turtle back to the indian tribe of where she came from. She feels that Turtle belongs with her blood kin, while Taylor is willing to fight for this precious child that came into her life....
Prodigal Summer
In this novel, Barabara Kingsolver explores the relationships between humans and the world that they inhabit through the use of three interrelated plot lines. One of these involves a naturalist who lives alone on a mountain, and has an affair with a hunter. Another involves a recent widow struggling with her inlaws, and trying to keep her farm going. The third involves an old man's struggles with his eccentric neighbor. ...
The Bean Trees
Taylor has been determined since she was a child to not end up like many of the girls in her home town - a pregnant teenager with a non-existent husband. So as soon as she finishes high school, she sets off in search of a new, more fulfilling life. It just so happens that on her trip to wherever it is she will end up, she is given an indian child whose parents have died. Not knowing what to do, she decides to keep the baby until she can figure out what t...

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