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A Perfect Gentleman
Signet, Oct 2004, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0451210417 Viscount Aubrey “Stony” Wellstone is broke with creditors breathing down his neck demanding reparations. He tries gambling, but that just increases his astronomical debts. He sees no relief until a friend Lord Parkhurst who he owes money to mentions escort duty he does not want to perform. Stony and Parkhurst agree to erase his gambling debts if he provides proper escort to a young debutante. A...
Love, Louisa
Five Star, Jun 2004, 26.95 ISBN: 1410401987 In Manhattan, as an omen to her upcoming nuptials twenty-seven years old Louisa Walden wrecks the Porsche owned by her fiancé Howard on their engagement night party. Not long afterward, Howard fails to show up at their wedding. Alone she goes on her honeymoon. Since she had no job or place to live, having given up both to marry Howard and needing to escape New York, Louisa moves in the family summer h...
Wedded Bliss
Signet, Mar 2004, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0451208595 During the Napoleonic troubles, widower Viscount Rockford earned the reputation as a great diplomat, but he will need all his honed skills with his two sons that he rarely sees as he is too busy saving the country and besides he doubts he even sired either of them. He becomes quite upset to learn that Alissa Henning, a widow with two children of her own, has kidnapped his five year old son William...