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Belshazzar's Daughter
St. Martin's, Dec 2003 ISBN: 0312316534 British expatriate Robert Cornelius works in Istanbul's Londra Language School. He just completes his lessons to eight students when he notices his Turkish lover Natalia moving at an incredible pace in the run down Jewish Quarter. Apparently an anti-Semitic crime occurred in Balat as someone murdered elderly Leonid Meyer, a Jew who escaped from Russia during the 1918 Revolution. At the bloody crime scene...
The Ottoman Cage
St. Martin's, Feb 2005, 23.95, 218 pp. ISBN 0312337698 In the upscale neighborhood of Ishak Pasa in Istanbul, Turkey, a neighbor sees an open door to a house that is occupied by an Armenian. She calls the police and the body of a twenty year old male covered with track marks and garroted is found. Inspector Cetin Ikmen is assigned the case and quickly notices that the young man was in a small apartment, separated from the rest of the mansion. ...