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No Man Standing
Scribner, May 2002, 24.00, 304 pp. ISBN: 0743213866 In 1985, Los Angeles police detectives Art Becker and Rico Chacon almost lose their lunch looking at the tortured corpses of Dwayne and Lila Mae Summers. Not long afterward they visit Lila Mae's adult daughter from her first marriage Ellen, a resident of the California Institute for Women at Frontera. Ellen is stunned with the news knowing she will receive her parole “freedom” tomorrow in ...
Unfinished Business
Scribner, May 2001, 24.00, 272 pp. ISBN: 0743212665 Miranda "Munch" Mancini had a difficult adolescence and moved out at the earliest available moment. Munch used alcohol, drugs, and sex to forget some of her pain. However, an inner strength allowed Munch to clean up her act, but she has never forgotten her roots, helping others in similar crisis. Munch has an adopted seven-year-old child whom she adores. She works as a mechanic an...
Unpaid Dues
Scribner, May 2003, 24.00, 304 pp. ISBN 0743245008 After some heavy rains, a woman's body is found in the drainage sewer at the exclusive Riveria Country Club. The woman was badly beaten and her body tied to two cinder blocks so that she would sink without a trace. LAPD detective Mace St. John, back on the job after suffering a heart attack four months ago, leads the investigation. He learns the victim is Jane Ferran. When he looks at her f...
Unwilling Accomplice
Scribner, May 2004, 24.00, 304 pp. ISBN: 074324558X Though family means nothing but heartache, betrayal and trouble to Munch Mancini, she tries to help her adopted daughter Asia come together with her cousins. Still the mechanic and former druggie prostitute wants her child to have everything she did not including a warm caring extended family. Munch even considers a mate so that Asia has the male influence of a father. When the daddy brigade ...

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