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Enemy Mine
The alien Dracon and the Man face each other; crash-landed - both stranded on the barely habitable barren rock of a planet that they have fought over in space not an hour before. They decide to try to survive the planet together rather than kill each other bare-handed. They learn each other's language, rather entertainingly, and share cultures. The alien, being hermaphrodite and pregnant, gives birth and dies, leaving the unfortunate man to guess how to ...
Infinity Hold
Bandos Nicos, convicted of murder, lives on earth in a time when incorrigible prisoners are sent to a faraway planet and left there. He is transported by spaceship to the planet with a group of other criminals. Arriving there, they are forced to cope with harsh environmental conditions, gangs of previously delivered prisoners and the fact that there are no existing laws or rules to follow. Bandos alligns himself with other prisoners, all lifers and consi...
The God Box
The main character comes into possession of a box which grants people whatever they need. With the help of priests, gods and magicians, he has to complete the task of the box's previous owner. In the process, he becomes involved in the quest to fulfill an ancient prophesy in which a hero of his finding will fight a destroyer. In the process, he comes to understand his past, finds love and learns what is important in life....
The Last Enemy
This is the third book in a trilogy, available in The Enemy Papers along with Enemy Mine and The Tomorrow Testament. Yazi Ro is a soldier on Amadeen, a planet where humans and Dracs have been fighting and killing each other for some time. He cannot fight any longer and, in trying to aid the peace process he turns to Willis Davidge, the earthman from the first book. Their journey for a resolution to the conflict takes them to other planets and finally, wi...

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The Tomorrow Testament
This is the second book in a trilogy, Emeny Mine is the first. Earth and the planet Draco are at war, each battling the other on various planets. Joanna Nicole, a major in the earth military, is captured and taken to a Drac-conquered planet where she is temporarily blinded in an explosion saving Drac children. She is taken to the planet Draco and used by the planet's religious leader, Tora Soam, to provide information and direction from an outside source...

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