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Pandora of Athens
Thirteen-year-old Pandora, living in Athens in the year 399 B.C., resents that as a young girl of ancient Greece, she has no say at all in her future. She is already betrothed, to a man she despises, and who is more then twice her age -- her stupid, useless cousin Menander. And as soon as she turns fourteen, she will be forced to marry him. But one day while Pandora is fetching water, she meets the philosopher Socrates, and what he tells her changes her ...
When Will This Cruel War Be Over?
Born into a wealthy Southern plantation family, Emma Simpson had every luxury she desired.... until the outbreak of the Civil War. Her father, brother, uncle, and the young man she loves go off to war - her brother and uncle to die early on. But the hardships are not limited to the battlefield - they reach out to touch Emma's sheltered, quiet home in ways she never imagined possible. There are rumors that the slaves she thought faithful to her family pla...