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Hard Rain
Rain—half-Japanese, half-American, raised in both countries but at home in neither—is trying to leave his life as a freelance assassin. After killing a CIA officer who hunted him halfway around the globe, Rain goes underground, hoping to find the peace that has eluded him. But then Tatsu, his old nemesis from the Japanese FBI, comes to him with one last job: to find and eliminate a killer at large, a creature with neither compassion nor compunction, whos...
Rain Fall
Putnam, Jul 2002, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0399149194 American-Japanese John Rain once served in Viet Nam as part of the Special Forces. The military taught him one skill that of the art of the stealth assassin. For the past twenty-five years, John has resided in Tokyo behind the guise of a loner businessman whose core product is murder by natural cause with a 100 % guarantee. John's current target is bureaucrat Yasuhiro Kawamura, vice Minster o...
Rain Storm
Putnam, July 2004, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0399151923 It is hard for an assassin to walk away from the business when one of his employers is the CIA but John Rain, a hitman with a conscience, tries. He obtains a new identity and travels to Rio where there is a large population of Japanese. For a time he got away clean although he is always looking over his shoulders until a CIA operative turns up with a job that pays very well. His identity compro...