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A Foreign Field
This book tells the story of Robert Digby, a private in the British Expeditionary Force. Aged 28 at the outbreak of war in August 1914, he was one of several British soldiers trapped behind enemy lines on the Western Front. Unable to return to their units, they hid in the French village of Villeret. Living in daily fear of capture and execution, they were fed, clothed and protected by the villagers, including local tradesmen and the matriarch Madame Euge...
The Englishman's Daughter
THE ENGLISHMEN'S DAUGHTER FSG, Mar 2002, 24.00, 254 pp. ISBN: 0374129851 In 1914, a small cadre of English military was stranded behind enemy lines. The French peasants of Villeret tried to hide the soldiers from the occupying German forces. However, the German army began using the homes of the villagers to quarter their troops and living off the local economy straining the food supply. The villagers refused to turn their English “guests” o...