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Achieving It All
ACHIEVING IT ALL is hilarious, outrageous, and bittersweet. The main character thinks her husband is having an affair and begins the quest for her own orgasm. Not only does the book deal with the issue of female sexuality, but she has wonderfully woven sexual harassment into the plot as well. ...
Death by a Dam Site
When talented Terri Larsson ran away, everyone was shocked, but when the pesky kid that Terri called Dumb Doug is shot while trying to halt a man-made lake, no one is surprised. In fact, the only unhappy people are Terri's elderly grandparents; Willie Peploe, scion of an inbred clan whose roots trace back to the Fort Stanwix line; and Calvin Crowpole, a swamp-dwelling Chippewa hermit charged with the murder. In a place of timeless beauty, a terrible tra...