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Mandrake's Mission
In 1944, an American bomber, carrying dead navigator Paul Mandrake, crashes in the Swiss Alps. Twenty-one years later, his son Peter learns that Stephen Craddock, the family lawyer, should be guardian of his father's university graduation diamond ring, worth half a million dollars. Craddock, a sinister character, denies this. Is the ring still with Paul in the lost bomber? Peter is determined to find the bomber and the ring....
The Renaissance Group
Bruce Hastie, a young Scottish engineer, plunges into the smoke, grime and heat of a London foundry and finds Heavy, a colossus of a working man, reading poetry. From this paradox springs the hope of an artistic renaissance where musicians, writers and artists enter factories to enliven and change people's lives. But social change comes with a price - death and destruction. Can the movement survive in such a materialistic world?...