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Our Guys (Biography)
This is probably one of the most riveting and chilling books I have ever read. More of a sociological and cultural study than a "true crime" book, the author, Bernard Lefkowitz details the story of a young retarded woman ("Leslie") who was raped by "the Jocks" in the town of Glen Ridge, NJ. Many of these young men had been trouble since middle school years, but they were the golden boys, the star athletes, in a town that revered athleticism and competiti...
Our Guys (Biography)
In 1989, a teenaged girl with the mental capacity of an 8-year-old was raped in the expensive suburban community of Glen Ridge, New Jersey -- the hometown of Tom Cruise. She was raped with a baseball bat and a broomstick, and the perpetrators appeared to be star players on the high school football team. Lefkowitz explores how this could have happened, how the community responded to this horror, and the travesty of "justice" attempted in court. The book i...