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Before Wings
Having barely survived a brain aneurysm two years earlier, fifteen-year-old Adrien is sent to work at her Aunt Erin's summer camp. Her near death experience has left Adrien caught between the living and spirit worlds and she is unsure of where she belongs. Adrien knows that a fatal aneurysm might strike her at any time, and she struggles to make her way among the more “normal” teenagers at the camp. At the same time, Adrien struggles to understand the st...
Mission Impossible
Young teen Jill Gilbert doesn't like the Lovely Legs Contest that's being held at her school. She thinks it's a completely sexist plot and is incensed that the competition is being held by the school football team – headed by her own brother. To make matters worse, the newspaper Jill works for came up with the idea. Always one to challenge convention, Jill even tried out for the boy's football team, but it doesn't seem like her statements are having any ...
Something Girl
Beth Goobie's Something Girl is the powerful story of 15-year-old Sophie, the "stupid, no good, nothing girl." The novel begins with Sophie's being "dumped" by her boyfriend of three months. This does nothing to improve her already poor self-image. Physically abused by her father, she lives in nearly constant fear. She believes that her beatings are her own fault. "My Dad only hits me when I'm bad." While she's having some trouble with school and she's b...