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May I Help You, Said the Counselor
Sevi Norwood, a novice counselor hired to replace Ola Leonard, West Deerfield High School's recently deceased "perfect" guidance counselor, immediately gets into trouble with her eccentric principal. As he tries to force her into "virtual dismissal" by making her working conditions intolerable, she attempts to find allies on the faculty. She strikes up a friendship with an English teacher, whose husband, the previous principal, had mysteriously disappear...
Raising Sand
Kate has just returned from her retirement party when her sister Emmaline calls with a message from God.According to Emmaline, God wants Kate to return to her childhood home in Bliss County, North Carolina, to become chief caregiver for her 80-something mother Snow and Snow's older sister, Beam. Doubting seriously if the message is actually from God, Kate agrees, nevertheless, to return home for a few weeks to assess the two older women's ability to live...