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Dirty Diamonds
Hawkman meets his match when he becomes involved with the sexy Jamey Gray-Schyler, a duplicious young woman who asks for his protection after fleeing her jealous lover. She later retracts her request which leads Hawkman to suspect that she's somehow connected to a recent heist of millions of dollars in precious gems. ...
Bud Nevers is murdered after a mysterious young lady shows up at a party he and his wife were hosting. After her husband is killed, Angie Nevers learns a secret that makes her wonder if she even knew her husband at all, even after 25 years of marriage. Tom Hoffman investigates Bud's untimely death, frustrated by locked computer files. The files they could open suggested the company was clean--too clean. And they couldn't find the dummy business a y...
The Silent Scream
When a young deaf boy returns home to find his mother murdered, he sets out to avenge her death.  This proves to be a dangerous undertaking and the young man (Richard) doesn't realize that it is his life that might be added to his mother's.  Can Hawkman and Jennifer (his mystery writing wife) protect Richard from  the hatred and anger that threatens to destroy him? This story is packed full of suspects from a crazy mountain man, hell's angel bikers, ...

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