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Fifteen year old Jane Purdy dreams of having a boyfriend, but she's not convinced it's ever going to happen. She's not a “cashmere sweater” kind of girl. Instead of a boyfriend, Jane has a regular babysitting job with one of her town's most notoriously misbehaved children. When Jane meets Stan Crandell, newcomer to her town, and he helps her out with a babysitting problem, life begins to look up. Stan is everything Jane hoped for in a boyfriend. Jane's j...
Muggie Maggie
Maggie is a young girl who leads an average life. She goes to school, and plays with her friends. Normally she does well in school, but then comes the day her third grade class is expected to learn to write. Try as she might Maggie can not seem to learn to write, while the other kids make fun of her, Maggie's mom is very supportive. Although Maggie does get frustrated and for a period refuses to try, eventually she is baited into learning when a teac...
Ramona the Pest
Ramona starts kindergarden thinking she is now so old and mature. Her older sister, Beatrice, however finds her baby sister a pest at school. Ramona embarrasses her in front of her friends and gets in the way of her plans. After a series of events however the sisters find a comradeship with each other. Beatrice is able to help Romona to fit in at school and enjoy herself....
Leigh Botts's parents got divorced a few years ago. He and his mother had to move to a new an ugly looking apartment. His mother worked real hard so that he could go to college. His life was boring but it changed when he and his friend Barry found a dog, they named him Strider. They were both truly happy, but there was only one problem, who was going to keep the dog? Since they both found him the decided to have a joint custody. They finally agreed o...

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The Luckiest Girl
Sixteen year old Shelley Latham is tired of her boring life. She's tired of her boyfriend, Jack, and at odds with her mother, who won't let Shelley grow up. Shelly finds a way out of her problems when she is sent to California to live with friends of her family for her junior year of high school. The Michie family is much more fun and energetic than Shelley's own and at first, Shelley finds her new life in California to be everything she'd hoped for – ev...
The Ramona Series

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