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A Rumor of Bones
Lindsay Chamberlain is a forensic anthropologist. Her studies of bones found in archaeological digs tell about the life and cause of death of people who lived hundreds of years ago. At her current dig, Lindsay's skills are needed to solve more modern crimes. The local sheriff asks her to help identify the skeleton of a child which has been buried found just outside of town. Soon, other skeletons are found, and Lindsay is caught up in a tangled web of cri...
One Grave Too Many
Onyx, Dec, 2003, 6.99, 400 pp. ISBN 0451411196 After finding and excavating mass graves to prove that President Ivan Santos was a mass murderer, his thugs attacked the area they were living in. Forensic anthropologist Diana Fallon lost the child she planned to adopt and moved back to the United States to emotionally recover. After a year of mourning, she accepts the job of director of the River Trail Museum in Georgia. However, Diana is unab...