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The Brethren
When her father, Preacher Jessie Zook, orders his daughter Annie to give up the art work she loves, they fight and then Annie compounds her father's displeasure by moving in with Esther and her four small children. Esther's husband Zeke has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his brother. He's in jail awaiting test results on bones uncovered. Esther has been shunned for her defiance of the Amish way. Ben Martin returns to Paradise. He and Annie be...
The Prodigal
Bethany House, Oct 2004, 12.99, 320 pp. ISBN: 0764228730 With her beloved mother dead for seven years, Amish Leah Ebersol raises her two younger sisters who consider her their mom. Her sister Sadie has come home as a widow having married in Ohio; she must prove herself to the community especially the Bishop, after being shunned for an affair with an English person that led to a stillborn child before she fled town. Leah is concerned that her ni...