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The Mayday
Justin Charles, Jan2005, 24.95, 336 pp. ISBN 1932112332 After a boating accident at sea, Matt Coulter wakes up from a coma to hear that his family is dead although they didn't recover the bodies of his two children. He doesn't remember much but he believes that the kids were picked up at sea by a yacht with an unusual anchor plate. He goes to boat contractor Sarah Ballard in the hopes that she can help identify the boat which would in turn lead...
The Repo
Justin Charles and Co. Jun 2003, 24.95 301 pp. ISBN: 1932112111 Forced into an early retirement, former DEA agent Jack Merchant wastes time passing aimlessly sailing in the waters off Charleston, Massachusetts. He is bored and knows he is stuck in a watery rut, but though he loathes what has become of him, Jack seems unable to do anything but languish in self-pity. Repo woman Sarah Ballard offers Jack a deal that if he fails to accept he wil...