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Gentleman Caller
Love Spell, Dec 2002, 6.99, 376 pp. ISBN: 0505525003 To support herself and her baby Graham, Maxine Bleckner provides phone sex to her clients under the name India McBride. She needs eight to ten customers every day talking to her over her 900 number for at least twenty minutes to buy diapers and baby food. In spite of walking her infant while on the phone with paying studs, her business has become so successful; she has hired an employee. How...
Straight to the Heart
Eric Stewart is a self-made fellow who made his fortune in garbage disposal, he spends his free time making "art sculptures" out of rubbish while cleaning up his dismal underachieving sisters' messes and sleeping with the wrong women. Eric's sisters (one hopelessly codependent and spineless, one who follows astrology, and another is a somewhat sane sister) get together and decide that they just cannot live one day more seeing their brother single and...
Welcome the Morning
Eliza Mae Lewis, a student, went to a resort in Hawaii with her friends, for a vacation on their semester break. Anthony Andrews is an assistant photographer who happens to be in Hawaii for a photo shoot. They met in a hotel in Hawaii, when they were checking in for a room, and they immediately fall in love, but Eliza already has a boyfriend, Ram Stuart who happens to be the only son of one of the richest businessman in New York. Ram will do anything to ...