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Murder on The Leviathan
In 1878 Paris, the English eccentric Lord Littleby is murdered in his house along with nine members of his household. The only clue is a badge indicating the maiden voyage of the worlds largest steamship, "The Leviathan", and ten of the first class passengers on its journey to India. Commissoner Gauche of the French police is on the track of this heartless mass murderer but soon finds himself in competition with the enigmatic, self-effacing Russian dip...
The Winter Queen
The story is set in Moscow, Russia, in 1876. Erast Fandorin is a young police investigator, young and unknown but very talented. His chance to distinguish himself comes when he is assigned to work on a rather strange case: a public suicide of a rich university student. Erast starts his investigation and soon finds out that the suicide was actually a duel of sorts, with two rich young men taking turns playing "Russian roulette." They both seem to have...

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